Crandall Youth Baseball Softball Association

Leagues by Age

2022 Season - Birthdate Ranges for Age Divisions

Blast Ball | May 1 2017 - April 30 2019 ($40 registration fee)

T-Ball |  May 1 2015 - April 30 2017 ($75 registration fee)

8U (Coach Pitch) | May 1 2013 - April 30 2015 ($85 registration fee)

10U | May 1 2011 - Aril 30 2013 ($100 registration fee)

12U | May 1 2009 - April 30 2011 ($100 registration fee)

14U | May 1 2007 - April 30 2009 ($100 registration fee)

Age Calculator - If you are not sure what your child will fall under for this season please click this link and it will help you figure it out what age bracket or email us at

****PLAYING UP****

If you decide you want to "play up" your child, you can do so by 1 year of age (not 1 division). For example, a 4 year old can "play up" to being a 5 year old T-Ball player, however, a 3 year old cannot "play up" to T-ball since the next year up is 4, and that is still considered Blast Ball. If you choose to play up, you will need to fill out the "Play Up Waiver" linked here and email it to We will then work with you on getting your child in the correct age division. Thank you! 

CYBSA - Play Up Request Form 2021.pdf

If you have been looking for an opportunity to get involved, here is your chance!  CYBSA is now accepting applications or nominations for the following open positions:

TBall Commissioner

12U Commissioner

Director at Large Seat 2

Director at Large Seat 3

 For information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the respective open positions, please see Article 7 of the CYBSA Bylaws which can be found at  

If you are interested in running for a position, please email your submission to  Please use the application document or be sure to include all the following information in your email:

Your name, address, email address and phone number;
The position that you are seeking;
The name and age bracket of your child playing in the league;
The number of times that you have volunteered for CYBSA in the past two years;
*A brief statement of why you would like to serve on the Board of Directors, including what you would bring to the Board, particular skills that you will bring, or your volunteer experience with other youth associations;
*A brief statement indicating the philosophy that you believe the CYBSA should follow in the coming years;
*A brief statement indicating what you believe should be the future goals of the CYBSA.
 * Submitted information may be posted on the CYBSA website or Facebook page or provided to voting members for informational purposes.

 Persons eligible to serve will be:

a parent or legal guardian of a registered athlete participating in the current season of CYBSA; 
a member of the coaching staff of any current team playing in the CYBSA league; 
a current members of the CYBSA Board; or
any other interested member of the community whose application to serve has been approved by the CYBSA Board.  
By submitting your application, you agree to submit to a background check.  You may be disqualified to serve on the Board if you have ever (i) been convicted of a felony offense; (ii) are named as a registered sex offender on any national or state registry; or (iii)if you have a conviction of any crime against children or theft of money.


  • COVID-19 Guidelines

    Posted April 14, 2021
    COVID-19 Guidelines

    Crandall Youth Baseball Softball Association,

    Please review the CYBSA Return to Play COVID-19 Guidance.  It is essential that members of the association are following federal, state and local guidelines, including school policies.  

    Parents of players should report a quarantine and/or lab-confirmed positive to the coach of the team or to the age group commissioner or to the Vice-President/President of CYBSA.  An individual consult will be conducted.  If any player has been isolated or removed from school, they will not be permitted to participate in CYBSA activities until they have been cleared to return to school.

    Very Respectfully,

    CYBSA Board

CYBSA Board of Directors
  • Darren Lemons President

  • Mike Lamb Vice-President

  • Paul Hoffmeyer Treasurer

  • Britt Mitchell Secretary

  • Melissa Hoffmeyer Registrar

  • Cory Hamilton Field Commissioner

  • Blake Parker Blastball Commissioner

  • Chaz Exum 8U Commissioner

  • Howard Harshbarger 10U Commissioner

  • John Hartig 14U Commissioner

  • Rachel Exum Director at Large 1

  • Brittany Hamilton Concession Chair 1

  • Ivette Baldaguez Concession Chair 2